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The Oddi service pledge

You are in safe hands doing business with Oddi.
We make every effort to pay full attention to customers, large or small, and we aim to develop the relationship. Our promises are realistic and we keep them. We would like our dealings to be relaxed and we speak frankly should problems arise.

Answering queries
Customers’ needs are paramount. We reply to all queries at the very first opportunity. Even under special circumstances we will answer no later than within 2 hours. More complex requests for offers shall be answered within 4 hours, where requests are confirmed on receipt.

Telephone answering
All telephone calls are answered immediately. Should a specific employee for some reason not be able to take a call then assistance is always offered from another employee or a message is taken.

Working environment    
Our working environment should reflect company values, neat and comfortable for our customers.

Problems are an opportunity to do even better – and we would like to solve them in such a way that our relationship with the customer is strengthened and improved.

We respect the work, views and time of others, and we never forget that we belong to the same team.