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Oddi logo

The Oddi name originates from Oddi at Rangárvellir in South Iceland, a renowned centre of learning and home of chieftains in the Middle Ages. It was the home of the Oddverjar clan for centuries, among them being Sæmundur the Learned (1056-1133), who was considered to be one of the most learned men of his era, and who was responsible for building the first church at Oddi. Then there was the poet Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241), who lived as foster son with Sæmundur’s grandchild Jón Loftsson until the age of nineteen.

The artist Atli Már Árnason designed the company logo. He has clearly sought inspiration from Iceland’s cultural heritage. The lettering is reminiscent of the old calfskin manuscripts and the “roof” of the “o” is also reminiscent of the Oddi Church steeple (built 1924). The logo was introduced when Oddi was located at Bræðraborgarstígur in the West of Reykjavik in the years 1968 -1981. Then the word “PRENTSMIÐJAN” (print shop) was inscribed in an arc above the Oddi name. Since then the Oddi logo has hardly changed, the background for example has always been the same.

Here is the Oddi logo. It can be downloaded as a PDF in CMYK, Pantone 294 or black-and-white (vector). If the logo is to be used in low resolution, for example for electronic screens, one can right click on the logo and save it as gif.


CMYK version

Black/white version

Pantone 294 version