Til baka

Environmental matters

Oddi has been a trailblazer in environmental awareness in Iceland’s print industry. The environment has always been important for Oddi and the owners have always stressed economical use of raw material and the reduction of environmental impact of operations through efficiency. Company policy is that customers should be confident that environmental impact of operations is kept to a minimum.

Oddi was the first company to receive the City of Reykjavik and Environment Award in 1997 and later received recognition from the Ministry for the Environment in 2004. In 2009 Oddi received the “conch shell”, which is the environmental prize awarded by the Ministry for the Environment.

Oddi emphasises the following issues in its operations:
– Minimising environmental impact from production.
– Production must meet requirements for the environment, health, quality and function.
– The company shall promote reuse and recycling of waste resulting from production, both paper and other substances.
– Machines and equipment shall fulfil the strictest requirements for minimum use of energy.
– Companies that Oddi does business shall have environmental certification, have developed an environmental policy and be proactive in environmental matters.
– Oddi shall fulfil as a minimum, all requirements made in laws and regulations currently in force.

Oddi makes sure it meets these targets by informing all employees about company impact on the environment and about environmental laws, regulations, standards and requirements.