About Oddi

Oddi is the largest and most varied printing company in Iceland, employing about 300 members of staff. Oddi is also a major manufacturer of cardboard and soft plastic packaging. Oddi serves a respected group of customers, both at home and abroad. The company’s excellent facilities enable it to tailor services to market needs at any given time and to offer maximum quality and productivity at an affordable price. Oddi is technically extremely well equipped and is fortunate to have a large group of experienced and well educated employees.

All Oddi production is ecolabelled, both its printing and packaging products. The Oddi manufacturing department is the first printer in the world to receive Nordic Ecolabel Certification for its corrugated cardboard production. This means that all products manufactured at Oddi come from an ecolabelled printing company.

Oddi operates a sales office in the USA, Oddi printing.

Starfsemi Odda